Prosystemy Drone Technology Laboratory is a platform for building advanced multi-rotor drone laboratory at affordable price.

Because of the platform framework affordability, flexibility and emphasis on advanced control, it is suitable for EDUCATION, as well as RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT or HOBBY.

The main purpose of this framework is to allow students, researches and developers easy and fast prototyping and experimenting with advanced control algorithms, drone geometry, and different types of motors, propellers, avionics, electronics. The framework simplifies analyzing drone dynamics and performance or testing.

The laboratory may consist of a single low-cost multi-rotor drone bench suitable for high-school education or hobby development.

For research purposes a large swarm of different types of heavily equipped multi-rotor drone benches communicating with each other can be build.

Important advantage of the framework is its control system – PROSYSTEMY DCU Control System Platform. It is open license-free flexible advanced control system with real-time control units, fully-featured visualization/SCADA system, and programming using control diagrams. Scientific computational platform Scilab or Matlab and its dynamic simulators Xcos, Simulink are used for programming.

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Experimental tunning and testing of roll and pitch stabilisation controllers

Experiment with drone object tracking using camera